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We, Solution4all are India’s first company which has most creative and inventive projects that offers numerous earning & career opportunities to all. We want to give a solution for all your needs and requirements of daily life. Considering this, we started 6+ remarkable projects in different Sectors like web technology, education, employment, medical, legal advisory and many more. India is a developing country and we will be happy to give a little contribution in it’s development. We want to serve our nation through our unique projects by making our services free off cost in all sectors.

Part Time India is a program under Solution4all. In Part Time India, we are providing career and earning opportunities by offering part time jobs.


Our mission

Part Time India has been designed to provide you a platform where you can show your potential and also you can develop your skills as well. We offer you to do part time work and generate income as much as you want

"Our Mission is to provide you a genuine and healthy income."

In today’s competitive world every human being strives to rise up in ladder of success. He desires to attain the best of everything. But unfortunately he lacks the opportunity or platform for success by which he could fulfill his dreams

We are providing you such kind of platform by which one can transform his dreams into reality. We have started such projects which will change your life